Welcome to "Lyf coin Launchpad"
Lyfcoin is focused on fulfilling its mission to bring more value to our users. To maximize the benefits for users on the platform, Lyfcoin has launched Staking Program for all the ERC-20 tokens .
Yes!  We can stake all ERC-20 non Proof of stake tokens/coins.
The Lyf coin Staking program for ERC-20 tokens
Now you’re just few steps away in experiencing a transparent Staking solution 
that does not come with a 
"Huge price tag" & resolve
 Token price Volatility against major coins in the Crypto space. 

Welcome to the world of Staking. Lets 

"Crypto - The Clever Way"

Listing services on Exchange.  

Customised Staking solution.

Secure Wallet Services.

Pricing Algorithm for your token.

The Lyf coin staking platform already provides Customised Staking solutions to the following  ERC-20 Tokens.


FORTIMATES - Lyf Staking  Session

---------------------------------------------Fortimates -  A Verification System.  

                                                                                                                                                        Session supply : 100,000,000 .              Start Date: 15 Jan 2020.

Your Token  - Lyf Staking  Session

---------------------------------------------your token - EcoSystem.  

                                                                                                                                                        Session supply :.....................              Start Date: .....

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